Three Skills your Student Needs to Succeed in Today’s Economy: The Three C’s

The 2012 presidential election highlighted the economic challenges we face as a country: job growth is flat at best;  employee pay in many industries has fallen and college graduates are having trouble finding jobs.  What skills should our students be learning in high school and college to help them compete and success in tomorrow’s economy?  And what should farsighted parents be doing to help their children prepare vocationally for the future?

While mastery of math, science, computers and other subjects are important for success in many career fields, knowledge alone is not enough.  According to IBM’s 2012 CEO study of 1700 business leaders, the most important personal characteristics for employees to succeed in today’s economy are the three C’s:  Collaborative, Communicative and Creative.  Best selling author and marketing guru Seth Godin agrees and states in his popular book, Linchpin, that the world has changed and requires new skills to succeed.  Godin also describes gaps in our educational system to meet these needs in his 30,000 word manifesto, Stop Stealing Dreams.’

IBM CEO Study Chart on Creativity

Control the Chaos With Three Discipline Building Blocks

In the final two chapters of Parenting by the Book, John Rosemond encourages parents to adopt a Biblical leadership attitude in disciplining their children. A prior article describes ‘leadership’ principles that parents can use with their children (‘Parental Discipline: Reward-ship or Leader-ship?‘).  In the final chapter of the book, John gives farsighted parents three building blocks of effective discipline: Command, Compel and Confirm.  Follow these recommendations to control the chaos in your household:

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