Are you Teaching your Children to Count by 301’s?

After mastering counting by 1’s to 50 or 100, many children take on the challenge of counting by 5’s or 10’s.   In my Sunday morning kindergarten class last week, one of my students was concentrating intently while writing numbers down the page.  Numbers aren’t an unusual subject for my young friend since over the last year I’ve seen him include numbers in his drawing of family members, toys or other objects.   However this day was different.

A 6-year Old's counting by 301's

A 6-year Old’s counting by 301’s

I asked, ‘what are you counting in your drawing?’ and Kaden replied, ‘I’m counting by 301’s.’  I took another look and sure enough, he was counting by 301’s.  Yep, ‘301, 602, 903 … ‘  that’s counting by 301’s alright.  He was already way down the page so I did some quick math in my head wondering, how in the world he got to ‘2709’ — which took me a second to double check and confirm that was was indeed correct.  He stopped when he got to 4214.