Launching Hope: A Seminar for Teens and Parents to help Teens Successfully Launch into Adulthood (February 22)

The teenage years can be one of the most challenging seasons of life for parents and children.  It should be a time where teenagers are preparing for life on their own with mentoring and support from their parents.  Unfortunately, many teenagers find themselves ‘failing to launch’ and find themselves living at home into their 20’s.



If you’re a parent of a teenager in the North Atlanta area, please check out ‘Launching Hope: A Seminar for Teens and Parents.’  New York Times Best-Selling Author Hal Runkel and speaker, humorist, and best-selling author, John Turner of The ScreamFree Institute invite you to join them to learn the latest research and ways to effectively prepare our teenagers for a productive adulthood.

The 4-hour seminar is scheduled for Saturday, February 22 from 9-2:30pm at Stonecreek Church in Milton, GA.  Cost is $10 per person and includes lunch.  You can find more information and register here through Wednesday February 19.  

John Rosemond, popular author and parenting expert calls these year, ‘the mentoring’ years where parents transition from the  ‘authority’ role to ‘mentor’ role with the goal of ‘launching’ their children into adulthood.  I’ve written about our own challenges and experiences during our children’s teenage years in a post called, ‘Four Seasons of Child Rearing:  The Season of Mentoring.

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