ScreamFree Parenting: Turning Your Parenting Inside Out

We just finished co-leading ‘ScreamFree Parenting,’ a class for parents of pre-schoolers, adolescent children and teenagers where we learned how to improve the relationship with our children by focusing on ourselves.  Yes — ScreamFree Parenting is about the parents — not the children.

Hal Runkel, family therapist and author of NYT Bestseller, ‘ScreamFree Parenting‘ teaches parents that the best way to raise your children is to ‘keep your cool.’

What happens when you don’t keep your cool?  Check out this trailer for Disney-Pixar’s new film, ‘Inside Out.’  Releasing in June 2015, the film is an animated story of the powerful ‘emotional’ voices inside ourselves.   This clip gives us a funny view behind the dinner table conversation of a teenage daughter and her parents.

Can you see yourself in this story?