The Person with the Best Story Wins: How to Find Yours

Consumers are overwhelmed with the variety of product choices today and seek out brands and companies with authentic stories.  Successful companies that honor their true, heritage, like Apple and Whole Foods, have the best stories. Business consultant Simon Sinek says, ‘People want to know why you do what you do before they will pay attention to what you do and how you do it.’

I believe the same is true in our personal life: The person who lives out his authentic story, who has a ‘why’ that goes beyond his vocation wins life’s real prize.  However, many stumble into their stories amidst growing up, college, marriage, children and career. People often find themselves busy, stressed and overwhelmed, drifting with the strongest current.

A good friend, Howie Silverman, found his true story.  After a fast track career to senior executive in his firm, he discovered his ‘why’ and made a dramatic career change. He’s writing a new story and winning in the game of life.  Here’s his story and how you can find yours.

Howie, Lisa and family

Howie, Lisa, Cole and Kennedy