The Person with the Best Story Wins: How to Find Yours

Consumers are overwhelmed with the variety of product choices today and seek out brands and companies with authentic stories.  Successful companies that honor their true, heritage, like Apple and Whole Foods, have the best stories. Business consultant Simon Sinek says, ‘People want to know why you do what you do before they will pay attention to what you do and how you do it.’

I believe the same is true in our personal life: The person who lives out his authentic story, who has a ‘why’ that goes beyond his vocation wins life’s real prize.  However, many stumble into their stories amidst growing up, college, marriage, children and career. People often find themselves busy, stressed and overwhelmed, drifting with the strongest current.

A good friend, Howie Silverman, found his true story.  After a fast track career to senior executive in his firm, he discovered his ‘why’ and made a dramatic career change. He’s writing a new story and winning in the game of life.  Here’s his story and how you can find yours.

Howie, Lisa and family

Howie, Lisa, Cole and Kennedy

ScreamFree Parenting: Turning Your Parenting Inside Out

We just finished co-leading ‘ScreamFree Parenting,’ a class for parents of pre-schoolers, adolescent children and teenagers where we learned how to improve the relationship with our children by focusing on ourselves.  Yes — ScreamFree Parenting is about the parents — not the children.

Hal Runkel, family therapist and author of NYT Bestseller, ‘ScreamFree Parenting‘ teaches parents that the best way to raise your children is to ‘keep your cool.’

What happens when you don’t keep your cool?  Check out this trailer for Disney-Pixar’s new film, ‘Inside Out.’  Releasing in June 2015, the film is an animated story of the powerful ‘emotional’ voices inside ourselves.   This clip gives us a funny view behind the dinner table conversation of a teenage daughter and her parents.

Can you see yourself in this story?

ScreamFree Parenting (Harmony, 2007)

In one of our first parenting classes, a friends shared that the reason he joined the class was because he got angry too often with his children and was looking for help.  He soon discovered he wasn’t alone.

Parenting is ranked one of the most stressful seasons of life but it doesn’t have to be that way. In screamfree parenting, Hal Runkel helps parents learn ways to bring calm to their family.

“Your number one leadership role in the family is that of a calming authority. … It all begins with one fundamental shift.  As you will see, parenting is not about children, its about parents,” – ScreamFree Parenting, page 6.

How to Raise Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool

A young dad joined one of our first parenting classes because he didn’t like getting angry so often at his children.  After talking with other mom’s and dad’s in the class, he discovered his experience wasn’t unusual.   Parenting is one of the most stressful seasons of life but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve struggled with maintaining calm in your home (like most of us) and want to have a better relationship with your children, please join us this fall for ‘ScreamFree Parenting.’ ScreamFree Parenting Class

We’ll meet at Stonecreek Church starting Friday September 19 from 7-9pm and childcare will be available with a reservation. If you’ve attended a prior class,  I encourage you to join us again for a refresher, invite a friend to join you to learn ‘how to raise your kids by keeping your cool.’

Remembering Dad on Fathers Day: Passing on a Legacy

A good friend will spend this fathers day weekend eulogizing his dad. My brother-in-law did the same for his father 2 months ago.  It’s hard to loose a parent and keep it together enough to speak at the funeral. I spoke at my dad’s funeral 16 years ago. Writing those words were hard and sharing them even harder.  But I got through it and I’m glad I did it. Friends and family tell me they still remember the inspiring stories.  But the words had the most impact on me.

My Dad, Jack M Boyd, Sr

My Dad, Jack M Boyd, Sr

Fathers have an important responsibility to teach and affirm their children, especially their sons.  Standing up for my Dad that day was an opportunity for me to remember what Dad really taught my sister and me and accept the responsibility to do the same for my children. This Fathers Day, if you have a good relationship with your father, thank him for what he’s taught you.  If your father is deceased, share those lessons and legacy with your children.  And when that time comes in the future when you have to decide, ‘do I stand up for my dad,’ I hope you will. My dad battled brain cancer the last three months of his life and we had an incredible opportunity to walk together through that physical and spiritual journey together.  He wanted to ‘write a book’ during those last days so my words at his funeral became his ‘book.’ The words are still hard for me to read but I hope Dad’s story will inspire you.