Giving Her Away: A Mother of the Bride’s Story

This is a guest post by our friend, Karen Clark who shares a story from her daughter’s wedding day.  Read why ‘motherhood is not for cowards.’  You can read more by Karen at

I am still reliving my daughter’s wedding.   It was a magical, emotional, beautiful time to watch her walk down the aisle into the arms of the man God brought into her life 2 years ago.   I saw, for the first time, the love between them finally openly expressed.  I had watched them for 2 years, and always felt like something was being held back, which puzzled me.

Lindsey and Rob

Lindsey and Rob

As I sat on the front row of the church as the “Mother Of The Bride”, I definitely had a front row seat to witness love finally allowing itself to overflow.  A new understanding and appreciation for my “new” son was born.  He had held his emotions in for so long, not wanting to arouse the passion that was just bubbling up, with no where to flow, until the “I Do” was spoken.   As I watched his heart overflow with tears as the vows were spoken, my “mother’s heart” was relieved.


Tips for New College Freshmen and Parents

This month, new college freshmen and their parents all across America are starting a new stage of life.   We’ve experienced this milestone with our 3 children and know first hand that it can be a traumatic time for both parent and student.

Nick Selby, a Georgia Tech sophomore offers 10 tips to a new Georgia Tech freshman class (video below) that is funny and inspiring and has great lessons for all upcoming college freshmen.   I’ve added 4 corollaries for parents and a lesson we can learn from Nick’s last tip, #10.

Nick’s 10 tips are listed below:

Four Seasons of Child Rearing: The Empty Nest Season

There are four seasons of child rearing according to John Rosemond, author of Parenting by the Book. A child’s successful transition into adulthood requires different parenting responsibilities in each season.

Photo courtesy iStockphoto/Walkinboston

Photo courtesy iStockphoto/Walkinboston

Most people recognize the last season as the ’empty nest’ season.  John Rosemond calls this last season the ‘Season of Friendship.’  It’s the season Monica and I are in today and the transition was challenging.  We are still learning to refocus our parenting energies into this new season and treating our children like the adults they are.