The Person with the Best Story Wins: How to Find Yours

Consumers are overwhelmed with the variety of product choices today and seek out brands and companies with authentic stories.  Successful companies that honor their true, heritage, like Apple and Whole Foods, have the best stories. Business consultant Simon Sinek says, ‘People want to know why you do what you do before they will pay attention to what you do and how you do it.’

I believe the same is true in our personal life: The person who lives out his authentic story, who has a ‘why’ that goes beyond his vocation wins life’s real prize.  However, many stumble into their stories amidst growing up, college, marriage, children and career. People often find themselves busy, stressed and overwhelmed, drifting with the strongest current.

A good friend, Howie Silverman, found his true story.  After a fast track career to senior executive in his firm, he discovered his ‘why’ and made a dramatic career change. He’s writing a new story and winning in the game of life.  Here’s his story and how you can find yours.

Howie, Lisa and family

Howie, Lisa, Cole and Kennedy

How to Raise Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool

A young dad joined one of our first parenting classes because he didn’t like getting angry so often at his children.  After talking with other mom’s and dad’s in the class, he discovered his experience wasn’t unusual.   Parenting is one of the most stressful seasons of life but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve struggled with maintaining calm in your home (like most of us) and want to have a better relationship with your children, please join us this fall for ‘ScreamFree Parenting.’ ScreamFree Parenting Class

We’ll meet at Stonecreek Church starting Friday September 19 from 7-9pm and childcare will be available with a reservation. If you’ve attended a prior class,  I encourage you to join us again for a refresher, invite a friend to join you to learn ‘how to raise your kids by keeping your cool.’

The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement (Atria Books, 2009)

Jean Twenge, author of ‘Generation Me’ teamed up with University of Georgia Psychology Professor Keith Campbell to write ‘The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement.’

The book exposes the troubling effects of ‘self-admiration’ and self-esteem programs and the serious consequences of narcissism in America including incivility, egotism, rising debt and working less for more.

Parents will find the book helpful in identifying the myths of narcissism and the influences to look out for in their own family, school, the media and in the workplace.

‘Instead of telling kids what winners they are, its better that they learn how to fail with grace and resilience.  In academia, we’ve found that this ‘learning to fail’ lesson has been much more useful than the ‘you’re special’ message.’

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Why School Grades Mean Nothing (Don’t let your children read this)

Joel Malm's Blog
November 5, 2013

I enjoy reading Joel Malm’s blog.  I don’t know Joel personally but am encouraged through his stories of faith, adventure and courage.  Joel leads ‘Summit Leaders,’ where he helps men step out of their comfort zone to better understand their calling.  Instead of a conference room setting, Joel takes his audience on a hiking or sailing adventure of a lifetime.

His post, ‘Why School Grades Mean Nothing‘ shouldn’t be used as an excuse to let your children slack off but it should help you see the importance of vision and encourage you to take a ‘farsighted view.’   If academics aren’t your children’s forte, help them discover their skills and desires in other areas.

Monica and I faced a similar challenge with Nathan during high school when we realized helping him follow his ‘creative’ skills was going to more valuable than pushing him toward an ‘academic’ Advanced Placement curriculum.  You can read that story here.

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