Christmas Traditions

One of our favorite Christmas traditions with our children was reading the Luke 2 christmas story on Christmas Eve. When our daughter Steffy was 10 and our son, Nathan was 8, they memorized Luke 2:1-20 in school and wanted to recite the story at Christmas.

Our Nativity

That year, instead of Monica and me reading the Luke 2 story, Nathan and Steffy recited the Christmas story. We ended up making a mini production out of it with Kristin, our oldest daughter and our young nieces and nephew in costumes acting out the nativity while Steffy and Nathan recited the story. We had ‘angels’ on the upstairs balcony looking down over ‘Joseph, Mary, Jesus (a baby doll) and shepherds’ while our extended family looked on!

That Christmas was a special one for us. My dad enjoyed the production in a wheel chair that Christmas and passed away in January from brain cancer. We retired the production after that year but our children still remember the verses.

How do you share the true meaning of Christmas from Luke 2 with your children? Share your story and photo of your nativity on our facebook page ( and use hashtag #christmastraditions