Why School Grades Mean Nothing (Don’t let your children read this)

Joel Malm's Blog
November 5, 2013

I enjoy reading Joel Malm’s blog.  I don’t know Joel personally but am encouraged through his stories of faith, adventure and courage.  Joel leads ‘Summit Leaders,’ where he helps men step out of their comfort zone to better understand their calling.  Instead of a conference room setting, Joel takes his audience on a hiking or sailing adventure of a lifetime.

His post, ‘Why School Grades Mean Nothing‘ shouldn’t be used as an excuse to let your children slack off but it should help you see the importance of vision and encourage you to take a ‘farsighted view.’   If academics aren’t your children’s forte, help them discover their skills and desires in other areas.

Monica and I faced a similar challenge with Nathan during high school when we realized helping him follow his ‘creative’ skills was going to more valuable than pushing him toward an ‘academic’ Advanced Placement curriculum.  You can read that story here.

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Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children

Desiring God: God Centered Resources from the Ministry of John Piper
October 29, 2013

Chad and Christina shared this link to an interesting post by John Piper, who pleads with parents to require obedience in their children.

Reading John’s story, I remember a similar story someone shared with me that convinced me that our children’s obedience could one day save their life.

How?  She  told me to imagine seeing a car speeding down the street and one of my young children playing in the driveway about to chase a ball into the street.  What would I do?  Of course I would yell, ‘STOP!

There would be no time for an explanation (sweetie, there’s a dangerous car coming down the street and you are in danger) or time to debate (Dad, we played in the street yesterday, what’s wrong today?).

Would my my child listen and obey immediately?  Obedience in this case could truly her life.  It was a sobering thought.

Obedience is not as high a priority today as it once was.  I hope you’ll read John Piper’s story.

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