Lover of the Light: A Christmas Story

Next week is the anniversary of the shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, a grim reminder of the horror and evil that we see too often in today’s news.

When I was a teenager, I remember my Mom liked to watch the local TV news and I think all the bad news made her worry more than she should about our safety.  A number of years ago, I stopped watching the local news.  I realized I was becoming like my mom, worrying more than I should about our children.

Whether you choose to watch or not, there is a lot of bad news out there.  That’s why I like Christmas.  It’s the story of good news, a proclamation of hope.  God loved the world so much, he came to earth as a man to restore the hearts of a broken world.  Isaiah describes this ‘hope’ as a great light;  A sunburst for people walking in darkness in a land of deep shadows.”

Our son, Nathan, shared a music video with me called ‘Lover of the Light,’ by Mumford & Sons, a popular British indie folk band.  It’s a story of a lost love, a  blind man who’s living in darkness who discovers the light.

The darkness of this world can certainly use some light.   It’s easy to get comfortable living in the shadows and we don’t realize the light just beyond our reach.  I’ve walked into a darkened room many times where our children were doing homework or Monica was reading and turned on the light thinking, ‘how can you see what you’re doing?’

Fans have offered a variety of interpretations of the film but Nathan suggested one in light of the Christmas story.  Watch the video and remember Isaiah’s prophecy.

Like the man in the film, we can live our life in the shadows, asleep to the light and new life available to us.  We stumble in the darkness, hurting ourselves and many times hurting others.  But there is hope.

“Jesus once again addressed them: “I am the world’s Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness.” (John 8:12, The Message).

This is the hope and challenge of the Christmas Story:   Jesus, the light of the world came to restore our hearts.  He calls us out of our darkness, to walk with God, in faith in the light.

Share the light this Christmas season.  The world needs more light.

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