Giving Her Away: A Mother of the Bride’s Story

This is a guest post by our friend, Karen Clark who shares a story from her daughter’s wedding day.  Read why ‘motherhood is not for cowards.’  You can read more by Karen at

I am still reliving my daughter’s wedding.   It was a magical, emotional, beautiful time to watch her walk down the aisle into the arms of the man God brought into her life 2 years ago.   I saw, for the first time, the love between them finally openly expressed.  I had watched them for 2 years, and always felt like something was being held back, which puzzled me.

Lindsey and Rob

Lindsey and Rob

As I sat on the front row of the church as the “Mother Of The Bride”, I definitely had a front row seat to witness love finally allowing itself to overflow.  A new understanding and appreciation for my “new” son was born.  He had held his emotions in for so long, not wanting to arouse the passion that was just bubbling up, with no where to flow, until the “I Do” was spoken.   As I watched his heart overflow with tears as the vows were spoken, my “mother’s heart” was relieved.

Becoming a new “mother” on Saturday has been a like a long labor.  I started keeping a journal for my daughter, Lindsey, 2 years ago, as I watched this “labor” begin.  I began writing my thoughts and prayers for her, sometimes my pleas and cries to the Lord.  As any labor process goes, there were false alarms, and disappointments, but once the water” broke, there was no stopping it.

Now, as I think back on the many moments in raising a child that pull at your heart….such as sending them to kindergarten for the first day of school or the first day of college:   How will they survive without me there to save them?

This process of “giving her away” has been another emotional moment…..she wants him more than she wants me?  This one is tough… I have become 2nd place in her heart, forever!  Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:5 say, the man shall leave his Father and Mother and cleave to his wife.  And they shall become one,” but it doesn’t say the wife leaves her mother and father, but she does!  And she should.

Motherhood is not for cowards….we know one day our children will choose someone else over us….and now that I witnessed this sweet moment unfold in front of our family and friends, I’m overjoyed and cannot stop reliving the birth of a new family.

It was better than giving birth…it was “Giving Away,” and it was an unforgettable birth experience.

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