The Four Seasons of Child Rearing: A Trail Map for Parenting

Beginner skiers appreciate the trail maps and signs that identify beginner and intermediate slopes and warn of the difficult and dangerous slopes for diamond and double diamond class skiers.  Skiers need different skills and training to navigate each slope.  There’s a similar trail map and training guide for parents:  Its called ‘the four seasons of child rearing’ by John Rosemond, author of ‘Parenting by the Book,’ and was created to help parents identify childhood stages and successfully parent their children through each one.

The Four Seasons of Child Rearing

The Four Seasons of Child Rearing

Here are the four seasons of child rearing.

Season Age of Child Parent Role Parenting Goal
Service Birth – 2 Servant Secure Child
Leadership 3-13 Authority Self-governing child
Mentoring 13 – 18 or 21 Mentor Emancipated child
Friendship Emancipation Friend, counsel Good friend to child

I shared some of Monica and my experiences with our children as we navigated these seasons in previous posts.  You can read more here:

Question: What season of child rearing are you in? Have you found yourself stuck in one season? You can leave a comment by clicking here.