“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Life’s greatest lessons are gained from our losses”

The quote, “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn:   Life’s Greatest Lessons are Gained from Our Losses” is from the title of John Maxwell’s new book, Sometimes You Win–Sometimes You Learn: Life’s Greatest Lessons Are Gained from Our Losses, published in October 2013.  

A popular speaker and best selling author, John Maxwell writes about a key leadership principle that farsighted parents should teach their children.  I’ve not read John’s book but in today’s culture of self-admiration, parents can help their children avoid an over-inflated view of their own abilities by helping their children learn from their mistakes.  And when your children win or succeed, it’s better to say, ‘you really worked hard!’ or ‘wow, you really did your best,’ instead of ‘wow, you are so smart!’