Who’s the boss in your house? Answer these Seven Questions to Find Out

Parents, especially mothers, rank parenting as one of the most stress filled parts of life.  Stress can surface in many ways.

One of our favorite TV shows is ABC’s ‘The Middle.’  In the episode ‘Taking Back the House,’  Mike (played by Neil Flynn) and his wife Frankie (played by Patricia Heaton), realize the high stress they are experiencing is the result of relinquishing control of the house to the children.  The story is a funny but realistic view of the life of many stressful parents.

In the early days of our parenting journey, Monica and I discovered we had relinquished control to our children in many areas.  One way was giving our children many too choices.  “Do you want your juice in the blue or red sippy cup?” evolved to ‘what do you want for dinner?”  We realized, like the characters in the TV episode, we had to take back the house!

Question: Who’s the boss in your house?  Take the survey to see ways Mike, Frankie and other parents

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have given up control in their households.   If you have successfully wrestled back control in some of these areas, please share your comments here.

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